Adult Day Care Services

Take Time…..

An adult day care is a surprising place with many interesting faces.
They have been around and lived their lives in a variety of places.
Unless you know their past and talk to them,
you might be astounded.
The adventures they have had and knowledge
truly have abounded.
If they could but relate to us all that they have known,
the courage they have had and all the love they’ve shown,
they have lived through wars and tough times,
hopefully, we’ll never know.
Simple things and happy, too, the lines of age to show.
Soldiers, nurses, farmers, wives,
children, parents, such full lives!
We look at them and what do we see?
Are we kind, like we should be,
or are we short of patience in our ways,
forgetting that they’ve had better days?
Take some time to chat with them, to listen and to think.
This may be us , you know,quicker than a wink!
Their insecurities, confusion, and sometimes even fears,
the longness of the days and nights, loneliness and tears.
This gentleman over here was once handsome lad,
a friend, a lover, and happily a dad.
This lady, the town beauty, admired by us all.
Though now it’s hard to stand up straight,
she once was very tall.
Years go by and we and we are old, and memories are all we sometimes have.
That and liniment, prunes, and medicated salve.
So, please take the time for just a word, that’s all I
ask of you.
Then when you are at this time of life,
you’ll be able to appreciate it, too.